Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

Time to clean out some of your old belongings and earn some extra cash. That’s what I’ve learned after discovering Sulit.com now known as olx.ph. I used to keep everything, even if I don’t use it anymore. Maybe that’s what I learned from my parents who did the same thing. But now I have adopted a new rule to follow: IF I DON’T USE IT ANYMORE, MIGHT AS WELL SELL IT.

Today, I have 4 pre-loved items that I would like to sell at olx.ph. Everything are in good condition and just waiting to find its new owner. Why keep it in your cabinet when you can say #YesYaman with olx.ph.

First are my MANGA Books. I got these when I was in college from a book fair. By this time, I think I've already outgrown these books. But I don’t want it to go to waste, so might as well find some MANGA enthusiast who’ll be interested of grabbing this 3 for the price of 1 deal.

Second is my THE DUKAN DIET BOOK. I bought this when I was in Australia last 2012. This is ideal for people who are looking for a meal plan to follow that will help them loose some extra pounds. Also there are some recipes inside that they can also try.

Third is this adorable Nikon Camera necklace. This is a cool statement piece that anyone can add on their #OOTD.

Last is my pre-loved Blackberry Phone. This is actually my favorite item from the bunch because it’s the only phone that lasted almost 3 years with me. Also, the first phone I bought using my own salary. This lil gadget was a must have back then, specially for people who wants to be always on in their favorite social network sites.

Hope you find something you like from my items and you can also sell your pre-loved goods through olx.ph.
This is the time to be practical where you can get to sell stuffs that you don't use anymore and earn some extra cash. Be one of us who says #YesYaman with olx.ph.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Photos Captured in the Rain

Rain brings out certain emotions to different people. Some feels loneliness as others felt a certain joy in their heart. Regardless of how we all feel about it, rain will always just be around the corner waiting for a great time to shed its raindrops. It doesn't hurt to capture it’s beautiful effect to our surroundings and how people acts in a cold rainy day.

Here are 10 photos captured in the rain that will surely make you gush. The simplicity of the shot and the extravagant appeal of a casual rainy day in your our everyday lives.

Playtime in the rain.

Cute bird trying to embrace the rain.

Happiness of being young on a rainy day.

Gotta love this couple's photo!

Beautiful rain silhouette.

Peaceful walk in the rain.

Awesome timing!

Priceless photo of a little bird under the rain.

Solitude in a busy street.

This dog just want to have fun.

So next time rain comes your way, don't forget to bring out your camera for that perfect shot. Because rain may come and go but the beauty you'll capture with it is forever embedded in your photo.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

15 Cute Food Art Designs

Food is one of our basic needs to survive but sometimes our daily food option can be boring. Specially for kids who wants to see more colors in their plate. That's why it's a great idea to give your daily meal a twist. Try out some easy and cute food art design that will surely make you gushing for more. This is also a great way for you to mix veggies, carbs and protein in your kid's plate without them caring too much on which is which. 

Here are my 15 favorite cute food art designs that can inspire the creative cook in you. Time to buy some colorful fruits and veggies because it's time to get cooking!
















Hope you got inspired to try out these cute food art designs on your next meal. An ounce of color, pinch of food varieties and cup of cuteness makes it one awesome meal.

Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Dog Photoshoot

Recently, I started a new project with a good friend of mine and my two dogs. I think I'm in the part of my life that many people called "QUARTER LIFE CRISIS" where we really want to discover the type of lifestyle or career path that we want to pursue. In my part, I started this passion project of mine creating dog apparels. Having limited budget and resources, I was eager to find things where I can save some extra bucks. I wanted to have good photo materials for marketing purposes but I'm not willing to spend a big amount of cash for studio photos. So I just thought, why not make it a DIY project instead! Having no strong background in photography I try to research some tips in taking photos of your pets. After days and days of researching in our ever trusted GOOGLE, finally I'm ready to start my DIY Dog Photoshoot.


It's always easier to start a project when you know how you want it to look like once your done. Giving your project a theme makes it easier for you to come up with your concept for the whole shoot. In my case, I chose to go for SUMMER Theme and showcasing it's festive vibe since that's how we celebrate it here in my country. 


Renting a studio can be really costly so might as well come up with an alternative. You can create a mini studio set for your dog in a very affordable price. All you need is an Illustration Board, White Cartolina, Double Sided Tape and Scissor.

a. Put together your white cartolina using the double sided tape to serve as your set back draft. Size depends on your preference since we have different type of dogs. 
b. Use the Illustration Board as flooring for your set. (White part should be the one exposed)
c. Construct your mini studio set where there is a roof but slightly exposed to natural lighting. (In my case, I chose the garage.) You can put together your set there and make sure to shoot during 10am - 4pm for natural lighting.
d. Add some props to showcase your photoshoot's theme.


One of the best advice I got when you want to take a good photo of your pet is to know where to focus your lens. Focusing in your dog's eyes gives the photo a soul and an added appeal. Also, a good doggy smile won't hurt too. You can get that smiling face from your dog by taking them on a walk before the photoshoot. 


Choosing the best photo from the bunch is one of the key element of coming up with a good photo material. Once you're done choosing, it's time to do some photo editing. Having a DIY Dog Photoshoot may limit your final material due to lighting. Luckily, Photoshop is available to almost everyone who can use it. You don't need to be a professional graphic artist to edit your photo materials. Just adjust the Exposure of your photo, crop unnecessary elements and add your logo. 

Here are some of the final photos I come up with my DIY Dog Photoshoot project for my Fur Babies Apparels Summer Collection

The best part of my DIY Dog Photoshoot is that it only cost me Php 150.00 ($4) and one day to finish everything. I guess a good dog model is a plus factor ^_^ 

Hope you can try this out with your pets too. If I can do it, surely everyone can. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Fun and Creative Valentines Day Cards

February is considered as the love month and this is celebrated worldwide. I remember my younger years where I even had Fabruary 14 (Valentines Day) as my actual anniversary date. I consider myself as someone who gets cheesy and crafty when inlove. We all want to give something special and unique for our special someone that's why I got inspired to create this blog post. I want to showcase different Valentines Day card ideas that you can try out this year. From cheesy lines, out of the box concept or just something simple yet so sweet.

Let's all be inspired to get crafty and corny because it's that time of the year where Roses are red, Violets are Blue, I am cheesy and so are you! ^_^

"We Fit Together Like a Yin & Yang"

Get that cheesy line from a song and actually use it for your V-Day Card Copy

Literally send your partner some love using this paper plane. <3

How crafty can you get!? Be inspired with this cute set of V-day cards. 

Give old pick up line a new twist by adding awesome graphics!

Now here' a good idea to reuse those old toy cars!

Cute can also equals to sweet this month of love ^_^

Another way to get creative and think out of the box. 

Let's not forget all the single people out there! 

Now this is simple yet very creative idea! 

Explore the geeky side oin you with this cheesy pick up line!

A good insight on your V-Day card is a plus point!

This is a good idea for couple who loves to travel! 
Last but not the least is you can use sweet treats for your Valentines Day greeting! You can never go wrong with food. ^_^

Hope you were inspired with my list of crafty and creative Valentines day card ideas. Don't be afraid to think out of the box for this year's season of love. Make that special someone blush and feel loved with your very own DIY V-day card. Because at the end of the day as long as you gave your best effort into it, that's will make it special. 

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